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Madeira To You Online Shop - Madeiratoyou, lda

We are an online souvenir shop from Madeira Island, with a wide range of top quality and traditional items from Madeira Island and Portugal, available for customers worldwide. We specialise in Madeira Island Products, Portuguese Gifts, Traditional Gifts including I Love Madeira souvenirs featuring famous landmarks and funny traditional interests.

Madeira To You started with the simple idea that there should be an easy way for all the visitors that come to the island of Madeira, who taste our beverages and food, fall in love with our colors and artwork but at the airport can only bring 20-40kg of luggage and sometimes have no more room left for all the things that they really would like to bring home. Therefore, Madeira to You was created as a simple and reliable process to bring Madeira products back to you, wherever you are. With a wide range of delivery and payment options, the only thing you need to do is order the products you love and miss from our website, wait for them to arrive and finally taste the joy and spirit of all your Madeira memories at your homeland. We make sure that Madeira will always come back to you!

Please feel free to suggest other products that you can't find here by writing us an email. We also provide discounts for larger wholesale orders or corporate items on request. We hope you enjoy browsing through our souvenir shop, whether you are looking for collective items, for food and beverages from Madeira and Portugal or simply doing your Christmas shopping!

Welcome to our store, Madeira is here!

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