Madeira Island became a major producer and supplier of sugar 5 centuries ago. In those times sugar was considered a luxury and as plantations expanded this industry became very important to the local economy. Madeira sugar was known all over Europe and attracted many traders and merchants who settled in Funchal. Funchal port being a busy sugar trading centre was frequently visited by merchants who would trade various products such as tools, cloth, clay, iron, meat, salt and olive oil all in exchange for sugar. In the year 1500 Madeira Island was the largest sugar exporter in the world but by the end of the century the sugarcane production fell due to over-production and a cane disease that decimated the fields. Today three sugar cane processing factories still exist and in April their machines are put to work processing the raw constituents of sugar cane: sugar, honey and rum. Besides sugar, sugar cane honey (molasses) and firewater, is also produced from the cane. This "cane brandy" also features in "Poncha", Madeira's traditional white-rum lemon juice and Bee´s honey drink

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This is a dark sugar cane molasses, produced in Madeira.  ..
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