Poncha, is the most traditional drink of Madeira! That is to say: Who's going to Madeira and poncha not drink, can not be proud of who knows truly the pearl of the Atlantic. Although it is typical of the county of Câmara de Lobos, the poncha is known and appreciated all over the island. It can be drunk with ice both in summer as in winter, because they contain a lot of vitamin C.

Previously, only poncha was made ​​with brandy cane sugar adding the same amount of water, sugar and lemon peel small enough how much.

Over the years this recipe has been perfected, currently the brandy cane sugar is the timeless element, innovation was the bee honey mixed with lemon juice. For the more daring and adventurous, I advise you to taste the various flavors of this drink, for example, poncha passion fruit, tomato, orange, absinthe or whiskey. These flavors are obtained with the substitution of honey in the case of fruit or spirits, as in the case of beverages.

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